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Ancient Art for Modern Living


As a yoga instructor it is exciting to teach principles that relate directly to the ancient wisdom of Kemetic Yoga™ in a way that is easy to use and apply. The Yogaskills Method™ was designed to demystify the practice of yoga and develop skills to build any yoga practice with skills that easily integrate into life skills. Classes are designed to grow the daily practice.

Kemetic Yoga™ practice is holistic in nature to include meditation and food wellness as a foundation for self-care. Coaching allows me the space to incorporate ancient principles into support and tools that hold space for individuals and groups to rest, retreat from and rise to the demands of modern life.



Companies and organizations are beginning to understand the power of well-balanced, happy employees in their effort to exemplify their mission. As a consultant for non-profits and businesses, I work to help them build and sustain a culture of community by cultivating trust through safe communication. Organizations that invest in integrating wellness into their company culture create more ease for staff to work through difficulties and achieve goals.



At the heart of my work is my ability to hold space for others to make personal discoveries that allow growth as individuals and in community. Read more about the moments life reminds me to be present with myself and with others. 


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